What If the X-Men Had Stayed In Asgard?


Main Details
Volume 2
Issue 12
Date 1990-04
Location of Publication USA
Genre Superhero
Format Softcover
Type Comic Book
Page Count 36
Language English
  • UPC — 0 71486 02920 5 04
Notes Based on X-Men Annual #9 and New Mutants Special Edition #1.
Nine members of the X-Men and New Mutants decide to stay in Asgard when their companions are returned to earth; They begin new lives which involve them in the politics of Asgard; When Hela, Karnilla and Loki make a move to take over the realm, the mutants band with the Asgardians to stop them; When the battle concludes, Thor makes Storm ruler of the golden realm and returns to earth and the Avengers; Cannonball becomes king of the dwarves; Nightcrawler becomes a member of the Warriors Three when Fandral leaves to marry Rogue; Dani becomes the ruler of Hel; Rahne becomes queen of the wolves. Cover price $1.25 US $1.75 CAN
Printed in the USA.


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