The Classic Monster!


Main Details
Volume 1
Issue 4
Date 1974-02
Location of Publication New York, N.Y.
Genre Horror
Format Softcover
Type Comic Book
Page Count 74
Language English
  • Frankenstein
  • The Golem
  • Chak
  • Heru
  • Dr. Owen Wallach
  • Gullivar Jones
Notes Table of Contents:

"They Might Be Monsters" - Script by Tony Isabella / Art by Pablo Marcos

"The Classic Monster!" (Frankenstein 1973 - Chapter 2) - Story by Gary Friedrich / Art by John Buscema, Syd Shores & Win Mortimer

"Reader's Unleashed!" - Reader's column

"The Hands!" - Art by Gene Colan / Letters by Artie Simek (Reprint from Adventures Into Terror #14, Winter 1952)

"Our Martian Heritage: An Excursion Into Fantasy" - Fiction by Chris Claremont

"Web Of Hate" - Script by Tony Isabella / Art by Dave Cockrum / Letters by Artie Simek (Inspired by the Novel by Edwin L. Arnold)

"Gulliver Jones: First Man On Mars" - Article / Illustrated by Jim Steranko

"A Monster Reborn!" - Story by Steve Gerber / Art by Pablo Marcos / Letters by Artie Simek

"The Monster Maker: A Review of Ray Harryhausen's Film Fantasy Scrapbook" - Review by Tony Isabella

"The Killers" - Art by Bernie Krigstein (Reprint from Adventures Into Weird Worlds #10, September 1952)

"To Love, Honor, Cherish... ...'Til Death!" - Story by Chris Claremont / Art by Don Perlin / Letters by Charlotte Jetter

"In Memoriam: Lon Chaney Jr." - Article by Martin Pasko


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