Vachss: Underground


Main Details
Issue Dark Horse Presents [Vol. 2] 25-27
Collection Volume 1
Date 2014-10
Location of Publication Milwaukie, OR
Genre Science Fiction
Format Hardcover
Type Graphic Novel
Page Count 160
Language English
  • ISBN — 978-1-61655-416-3
  • UPC — 9 781616 554163 52999
Notes Cover price: $29.99 US / $32.99 CAN

When all sources of "news" are so clearly biased that none can be considered even remotely trustworthy or reliable, there is no news . . . and The Terror descends. For decades, The Rulers have been using prisoner/slave-labor to construct Underground, confident that those who flee there will willingly trade their freedom for security. Now, "truth" is what the Rulers say it is, and The Rulers rule all aspects of the human existence. But even within this antiseptically evil world, a revolutionary movement is brewing. A new breed of journalists--"The Book Boys"--risk everything to graffiti the truth on Underground's pristine walls. The intolerable act of creating a reliable source of truth--"If it's written in blue, it must be true."--is against The Rules --a huge bounty has been offered for identification or capture of any of this crew.


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