The Provocative Colette


Main Details
Date 2018-08
Location of Publication New York, NY
Genre Biography
Format Hardcover
Type Original Graphic Novel
Page Count 128
Language English
  • ISBN — 978-1-68112-170-3
  • UPC — 9 781681 121703 52499
Notes Cover price: $24.99

Many biographies describe this uncommon woman and author. It is her years of formation which are focused on here, from her marriage at the age of 20, until her divorce. "One dies only from the first man," she wrote in 1909. But this death was a new beginning, and the one that signed "Colette" from 1910 on gradually opened her eyes to her condition of a woman who was an exploited writer and a betrayed wife, and who will emancipate herself by writing, and with what talent! Incredibly complex, powerfully determined, truly gifted, Colette challenged herself to reinvent her life and assert herself as a free woman. In her day, her behavior scandalized and vexed the establishment. But in the end, she helped to free women in their thinking and became member and then president of France's prestigious Académie Goncourt, among many other honors as one of France's preeminent authors.


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