Cerberus in Hell?


Main Details
Issue 1
Date 2018-12
Location of Publication Kitchener, ON
Genre Humor
Format Softcover
Type Comic Book
Page Count 24
Language English
Notes Cover price: $4

Three-headed Cerberus stars in his own title! Two of those three heads are criminally-actionable parodies. Guess who? Featuring Batvark as the Bassoon Fairy. Is Cerberus identifying as 'bat-winged-demon curious'? Hell's Illegal Organ Market; Hell's Civic Improvement Health Committee; Hell's Green Economy Civic Improvement Committee; Is Cerebus short? Or Vertice-Specitic-Personal-Elevation Oriented? Or Height-Appropriate-Capacitation Statused? Cerebus has trouble digesting the Book of Jeremiah; Cerebus and the Whore of Babylon debate Kanye West; Cerebus seeks out company; Botoxing newborns: Is Big Pharma behind it? Or Mattel? Cerebus and an Arch-Demon Team-Up; Cerebus the Stand-up comedian; Why you don't want to tell the old 'So, this pig asks a djinn to turn him into a human being ... ' joke; Cerebus' computer is hacked; Friedrich Nietszche vs. Batvark (yes, again!); the Redeeming Power of the Cheers theme song; Also! Hillary Clinton isn't conceding just yet!


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