Fornicators Inc.


Main Details
Issue 1
Date 2019-07
Location of Publication Kitchener, ON
Genre Humor
Format Softcover
Type Comic Book
Page Count 24
Language English
  • UPC — 7 52830 52426 2
Notes Cover price: $4

Fantastic Four tribute cover

The hits just keep on coming! Fresh from the debut of LGBTQ-People #1 last month, meet the Infernal Realms' second most inclusive super group! Larry with the Horn! He's this gigantic guy, and he he has this big musical horn (of some kind). Tommy the Tuba-Diving Curious Demon! Tommy dives through Larry's horn! Which Larry really, really likes! Un-Beddable Vark! Still using the same name to maintain his trademark, Un-Beddable Vark is now constantly on the prowl for "Pretty, puny human womens!" Oddly enough, their first caper is a bank robbery gone wrong where they're about to meet their newest member: "Barely Legal" Naked Sweaty Invisible Hostage Woman!


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