No Grave But the Sea


Main Details
Issue 1-4
Collection Volume 1
Date 2005-09
Location of Publication Berkeley, CA
Genre Horror
Format Trade Paperback
Type Graphic Novel
Page Count 104
Language English
  • ISBN — 1-58240-537-9
  • UPC — 9 781582 405377 00895
Notes Cover price: $8.95 US

Since being turned undead by the crew of the cursed Pirate ship, The Black Galleon, Marco Esperanza has spent the past 400 years tied to the bow of a sunken vessel, clinging to life in the dark, briny, deep. His confinement at the bottom of the sea ends when he is discovered by film director Joel Cameron's submarine on a scouting expedition for his next film. Hungry to film a live vampire battle, Cameron urges Marco to seek out the man responsible and have his revenge.


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