The Names of Magic


Main Details
Issue 1-5
Date 2002
Location of Publication New York, NY
Genre Fantasy
Format Trade Paperback
Type Graphic Novel
Page Count 124
Language English
  • ISBN — 1-56389-888-8
  • UPC — 7 61941 23395 6 00111
Notes Cover price: $14.95 USA $24.95 CAN

From the pages of The Books of Magic comes a new tale of Tim Hunter, the young man destined to become the greatest magician of our time...Tim Hunter has lost his girlfriend and family; the price Tim has had to pay for his initiation into the world of magic. Now, Tim wants the abilities he's paid for - and to learn to control his vast power. To do so, he must enter the White School, a place where he will be able to study without fear of the many groups who would control him and harness his power for their own dark ends. But to enter the White School, Tim must discover his true name, and his true identity - while evading the clutches of a deadly array of enemies...


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