Judge Anderson: The Psychic Crime Files


Main Details
Issue 2000 AD 657-659, 1102-1103, 1734-1739, 2011 Judge Dredd Magazine 272-276, 277-278, 300-304
Date 2012-01
Location of Publication Oxford
Genre Science Fiction
Format Trade Paperback
Type Graphic Novel
Page Count 192
Language English
  • ISBN — 978-1-907992-54-4
  • UPC — 9 781907 992544
Notes Cover price: US $20.99 CAN $23.99

Mega-City One, a futuristic metropolis sprawling across the east coast of North America. This hostile urban nightmare is policed by the Judges; tough lawmen with the ability to act as judge, jury and executioner. Within the Justice department is a section known as Psi-Division which specialises in Judges gifted with extraordinary psychic abilities. Cassandra Anderson is one such Judge; a powerful telepath with a rebellious streak and a talent for getting into trouble...


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