Springheeled Jack


Main Details
Date 2013-10
Location of Publication London
Genre Science Fiction
Format Hardcover
Type Graphic Novel
Page Count 128
Language English
  • ISBN — 9781782761297
  • UPC — 9 781782 761297 51999
Notes Cover price: $19.99 US / $22.95 CAN / £14.99 UK

High above a steampunk London of Penny Dreadfuls, Jack the Ripper and pea-soup fog…stalks the legendary demon, Springheeled Jack!

From his quarters in Bedlam lunatic asylum, Sir Jack Rackham hunts the creature. Across the gothic rooftops of necropolis London and through the labyrinths of his tortured mind, he pursues the creature that took his beloved.

But just who or what is Springheeled Jack? Does the answer lie amongst the lunatics of Rackham’s sanatorium – or in the very heart of the British Empire: with Queen Victoria at Buckingham Palace?


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