Ignition City


Main Details
Issue 1-5
Collection Volume 1
Date 2010-01
Location of Publication Rantoul, IL
Genre Science Fiction
Format Trade Paperback
Type Graphic Novel
Page Count 144
Language English
  • ISBN — 1-59291-087-4
  • UPC — 9 781592 910878 51999
Notes Cover price: US $19.99

Grounded space pilot Mary Raven has come to the interzone settlement in the middle of Ignition City, Earth's last spaceport, to recover the effects of her dead father, or so people think. Mary really wants to know how he died, and who did it. Mary Raven is out to spoil a great many people's days. Today might be her last day on Earth, trapped on the last spaceport where no-one cares about murder and the only real currency is fear. She has her dead father's raygun, and that's enough for space hero turned arms dealer Lightning Bowman to want her dead. But she also has her dead father's diary. And when she finds out something no-one else in the settlement knows... they'll want her dead for that, too!


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