"Last Fight for a Legionnaire"


Main Details
Volume 1 (27)
Issue 212
Date 1975-10
Location of Publication New York, New York
Genre Superhero
Format Softcover
Type Comic Book
Page Count 32
Language English
  • Superboy (Kal-El) (Earth 1)
  • Cosmic Boy (Rokk Krinn) (Pre-Zero Hour)
  • Saturn Girl (Imra Ardeen) (Pre-Zero Hour)
  • Phantom Girl (Tinya Wazzo) (Pre-Zero Hour)
  • Shrinking Violet (Salu Digby) (Pre-Zero Hour)
  • Chameleon Boy (Reep Daggle) (Pre-Zero Hour)
  • Matter-Eater Lad (Tenzil Kem) (Pre-Zero Hour) (Leaves Team)
  • Karate Kid (Val Armorr) (Pre-Zero Hour)
  • Shadow Lass (Tasmia Mallor) (Pre-Zero Hour)
  • Night Girl (Lydda Jath) (Pre-Zero Hour)
  • Antagonists:
  • Legion of Super-Rejects (First appearance):
  • Magno Lad
  • Esper Lass
  • Phantom Lad
  • Micro Lad
  • Chameleon Kid
  • Calorie Queen
Story Location 30th Century: Metropolis; Nolan Plaza, Legion of Super-Heroes Headquarters, Bismoll
Notes 1st Story: "Last Fight for a Legionnaire"
2nd Story: A Death Stroke at Dawn


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