The Dylan Dog Case Files


Main Details
Issue Dylan Dog & Dylan Dog: Zed 1-6
Date 2009-04
Location of Publication Milwaukie, OR
Genre Horror
Format Trade Paperback
Type Graphic Novel
Page Count 680
Language English
  • ISBN — 978-1-59582-206-2
  • UPC — 9 781595 822062 52499
Notes Cover price: $24.99 US $27.50 CAN

Nightmares can't hurt you. There's no such thing as the walking dead. Monsters are all in your imagination. We tell ourselves these things to make us feel safe at night, to give us strength against the unknown.

But there are things in the dark that can hurt us. Just ask Dylan Dog.

An ex-cop who now battles against evil as a "nightmare investigator," Dylan Dog is unlike any private eye you've ever met. If creatures from beyond the unknown are after you, and if you can hire him, he just might save your life.


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