The Times of Botchan


Main Details
Volume 1
Date 2005
Location of Publication Rasquera, Spain
Genre Biography
Format Trade Paperback
Type Manga
Page Count 152
Language English
  • ISBN — 84-96427-01-3
  • UPC — 9 788496 427013
Notes The Meija Era (1868-1912) was probably the most defining period in Japanese history. It was a time of massive change from the more traditional; Takugawa era to a positioning of Japan in the modern world. Contemporary writer, Soseki Natsume, suffered due to all the social and cultural changes and expressed his feelings through his character Botchan, a classic in the vein of Mark Twain or Charles Dickens. This massive work over 10 volumes could, in other hands, have been but an informed text book. However, the solid script by Sekigawa explores the period through an adult story whilst the art by Taniguchi portrays the material with exquisite and elegant detail. An internationally renowned work finally becoming available in English.


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