"Five Characters in Search of a Madman!"


Main Details
Volume 1
Issue 169
Date 1976-04
Location of Publication New York, New York
Genre Superhero
Format Softcover
Type Comic Book
Page Count 32
Language English
  • Mister Fantastic (Reed Richards)
  • Invisible Girl (Susan Storm Richards)
  • Human Torch (Johnny Storm)
  • Supporting Characters:
  • Thing (Ben Grimm)
  • Antagonists:
  • Power Man (Luke Cage) (Enslaved by the Puppet Master)
Story Location New York: New York City
Notes Continuity Notes
Ben recalls some of his fights when he was the Thing:
Ben's battle with Doctor Doom appears to come from their clash in Fantastic Four #43.
He also recalls his battle against the Sandman and Blastaar from Fantastic Four #63.
Power Man asks Sue why she hasn't gone to calling herself the Invisible Woman. Here she states that she has gotten used to being called the Invisible Girl. Sue doesn't start calling herself the Invisible Woman until Fantastic Four #284.
Luke brings up why Franklin doesn't have any powers, but Sue tells him that he once did. Franklin's powers flared out of control back in Fantastic Four #141 forcing Reed to shut down his mind. Franklin awoke from his coma in Fantastic Four #150 and used his powers to shut down Ultron. At which point it was believed his powers were removed, but in reality, they only went dormant. Franklin's powers begin to slowly manifest again in Fantastic Four Annual #14.
It is revealed next issue that Power Man is being controlled by the Puppet Master.
The cylinder that is knocked onto Doctor Doom's time machine is revealed to be a cylinder of Vibranium that gets sent back in time to the year 1942 as revealed in Fantastic Four Annual #11.
It is revealed next issue that this "other" Thing is really an exosuit for Ben to wear. Ben wears the exosuit until his powers are restored in Fantastic Four #175.


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