I, René Tardi, Prisoner of War in Stalag IIB


Main Details
Volume 1
Date 2018-07
Location of Publication Seattle, WA
Genre Biography
Format Hardcover
Type Original Graphic Novel
Page Count 184
Language English
  • ISBN — 978-1-68396-108-6
  • Library of Congress Catalog Card Number — 2017957109
  • UPC — 9 781683 961086 52999
Notes Cover price: $29.99

In September 1939, René Tardi went to war. Less than a year later, the French army was defeated and he was a prisoner of war, like 1.6 million other French soldiers. After 4 years and 8 months in a POW camp, René returned home, bitter and ashamed. Stalag IIB is Jacques Tardi’s homage to his father and a testimony to the silent suffering of a generation of men.

Based on René’s memories, Stalag IIB — the first of two volumes — recounts brutal years of captivity under the Nazis and the POWs’ attempts to reclaim moments of humanity. René recalls the roll calls in sub-zero temperatures, daily acts of resistance, crushing boredom — and especially the omnipresent hunger.


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