The Good, The Bad, And The Classic


Main Details
Volume 1
Issue 1
Date 1982-12
Genre Anthology
Format Softcover
Type Comic Book
Page Count 50
Language English
Notes B&W anthology magazine containing the stories - Chapter One - "The Good, The Bad And The Classic", starring The Wraith; "The Circle Game"; Spawn Of Mars"; "A Rather Abbreviated Conversation..."; "Disappearances"; "Fairies"; "Zamm!". Chapter Two - "Definitions", "Young Ideas", "Talk Show", "Chopin", reprinted from American Splendor #6 1981; "Library Story - Take Two" reprinted from American Splendor #4 1979; "Balance" reprinted from Slow Death #8 1977; "Encounter At The Crazy Cat Saloon" reprinted from Imagine #2 1978; "Welcome Home, Traveller" reprinted from New Paltz Comic #3 1977; "Replay" reprinted from New Paltz Comic #2 1974; "Vignette: A Soft And Gentle Rain" reprinted from Imagine #3 1978.


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