The Complete Weird Science-Fantasy / Incredible Science Fiction


Main Details
Date 1982
Genre Science Fiction
Format Oversized Hardcover
Type Graphic Novel
Page Count Unpaginated
Language English
Notes The complete run of EC's Weird Science-Fantasy and Incredible Science Fiction, published in 2 9" by 12" volumes in a slipcase. Issue numbering began with No. 23, continuing the numbering from Weird Science and Weird Fantasy (which each ended at issue 22). Covers are printed in color on slick paper, with coloring by Marie Severin; interior art is printed in black and white. Text stories, letter pages, and house ads are included.

Harlan Ellison wrote Upheaval! in issue 24. Otto Binder adapted The Teacher From Mars and several Adam Link stories from prose stories written in collaboration with his brother Earl as Eando Binder. "The Flying Machine" and "A Sound of Thunder" were authorized adaptations of short stories by Ray Bradbury.

Stories and artists for each issue are listed below, along with cover artists (Note: text stories are not included in the listing below).

23 (Cover by Wally Wood)
The Children - Wally Wood
Fish Story - Al Williamson
The Flying Machine - Bernard Krigstein
Fair Trade - Joe Orlando

24 (Cover by Al Feldstein)
...For Posterity - Wally Wood
The Teacher From Mars - Joe Orlando
The Pioneer - Bernard Krigstein
Upheaval! - Al Williamson

ISSUE 25 (Cover by Al Williamson)
Flying Saucer Report - Wally Wood
A Sound of Thunder - Al Williamson
Bellyful - Bernard Krigstein
Harvest - Joe Orlando

ISSUE 26 (Cover by Al Feldstein)
Special UFO Issue - Wally Wood, Joe Orlando, Reed Crandall, George Evans

ISSUE 27 (Cover by Wally Wood)
Adaptability - Wally Wood
Close Shave - Reed Crandall
4th Degree - Jack Kamen
I, Robot - Joe Orlando

ISSUE 28 (Cover by Al Feldstein)
The Inferiors - Wally Wood
Lost in Space - Al Williamson
Round Trip - Jack Kamen
The Trial of Adam Link - Joe Orlando

ISSUE 29 (Cover by Frank Frazetta)
The Chosen One - Wally Wood
Vicious Circle - Al Williamson
Genesis - Reed Crandall
Adam Link in Business - Joe Orlando

ISSUE 30 (Cover by Jack Davis)
Clean Start - Wally Wood
Marbles - Bernard Krigstein
Conditioned Reflex - Joe Orlando
Barrier - Jack Davis

ISSUE 31 (Cover by Jack Davis)
You, Rocket - Wally Wood
Fulfillment - Bernard Krigstein
Time to Leave - Roy Krenkel
Has-Been - Wally Wood

ISSUE 32 (Cover by Jack Davis)
Fallen Idol - Joe Orlando
Food For Thought - Al Williamson
The Ultimate Weapon - Bernard Krigstein
Marked Man - Jack Davis

ISSUE 33 (Cover by Wally Wood)
Big Moment - Wally Wood
Kaleidoscope - Jack Davis
One Way Hero - Bernard Krigstein
Judgment Day! - Joe Orlando


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