The Complete Tales From The Crypt

Main Details
Location of Publication West Plains, MO
Genre Horror
Format Oversized Hardcover
Type Graphic Novel
Page Count Unpaginated
Language English
  • The Vault-Keeper
  • The Crypt-Keeper
  • The Old Witch
Notes Entire contents copyright 1979 by William M. Gaines.

The complete run of EC's Tales From the Crypt, published in 5 9" by 12" volumes in a slipcase. Issue numbering began with No. 17 (numbering was continued from Crime Patrol; issues 17-19 were published as The Crypt of Terror). Covers are printed in color on glossy paper, with coloring by Marie Severin; interior art is printed in black and white. Text stories, letter pages, and house ads are included.

Stories and artists, including cover artists, for each issue are listed below (Note: text stories are not included in this listing).

ISSUE 17 (The Crypt of Terror; Cover by Johnny Craig)
Death Must Come! - Al Feldstein
The Man Who Was Death - Bill Fraccio
The Corpse Nobody Knew - George Roussos
Curse Of The Full Moon! - Johnny Craig

ISSUE 18 (The Crypt of Terror; Cover by Johnny Craig)
The Maestro's Hand! - Al Feldstein
The Living Corpse - Wally Wood
Madness At Manderville - Harvey Kurtzman
Mute Witness To Murder! - Johnny Craig

ISSUE 19 (The Crypt of Terror; Cover by Johnny Craig)
Ghost Ship! - Al Feldstein
The Hungry Grave - Graham Ingels
Cave Man - Johnny Craig
Zombie! - Johnny Craig

ISSUE 20 (Cover by Johnny Craig)
The Thing From The Sea! - Al Feldstein
A Fatal Caper! - Jack Kamen
Rx... Death! - Graham Ingels
Impending Doom! - Johnny Craig

ISSUE 21 (Cover by Al Feldstein)
A Shocking Way To Die! - Al Feldstein
Terror Ride! - Wally Wood
House Of Horror - Harvey Kurtzman
Death Suited Him! - Graham Ingels

ISSUE 22 (Cover by Al Feldstein)
The Thing From The Grave! - Al Feldstein
Blood Type "V"! - Graham Ingels
Death's Turn! - Jack Kamen
The Curse Of The Arnold Clan! - Johnny Craig

ISSUE 23 (Cover by Al Feldstein)
Reflection Of Death! - Al Feldstein
Last Respects! - Graham Ingels
Seance! - Jack Davis
Voodoo Death! - Johnny Craig

ISSUE 24 (Cover by Al Feldstein)
Bats In My Belfry! - Jack Davis
The Living Death! - Graham Ingels
Midnight Snack! - Johnny Craig
Scared To Death! - Wally Wood

ISSUE 25 (Cover by Al Feldstein)
The Trophy! - Jack Davis
Judy, You're Not Yourself Today! - Wally Wood
Loved To Death! - Jack Kamen
The Works... In Wax! - Graham Ingels

ISSUE 26 (Cover by Wally Wood)
Drawn And Quartered! - Jack Davis
The Borrowed Body! - Howard Larsen
Indian Burial Mound - George Roussos
Political Pull! - Graham Ingels

ISSUE 27 (Cover by Wally Wood)
Well-Cooked Hams! - Jack Davis
Madam Bluebeard - Joe Orlando
Return! - Jack Kamen
Horror! Head... It Off! - Graham Ingels

ISSUE 28 (Cover by Al Feldstein)
Bargain In Death! - Jack Davis
Ants In Her Trance! - Joe Orlando
A-Corny Story - Jack Kamen
The Ventriloquist's Dummy! - Graham Ingels

ISSUE 29 (Cover by Jack Davis)
Grounds... For Horror! - Jack Davis
A Rottin' Trick! - Joe Orlando
Board To Death! - Jack Kamen
A Sucker For A Spider! - Graham Ingels

ISSUE 30 (Cover by Jack Davis)
Gas-tly Prospects! - Jack Davis
A Hollywood Ending! - Joe Orlando
Auntie, It's Coal Inside! - Jack Kamen
Mournin', Ambrose... - Graham Ingels

ISSUE 31 (Cover by Jack Davis)
Survival... Or Death! - Jack Davis
The Thing In The 'Glades! - Al Williamson
Kamen's Kalamity! - Jack Kamen
Buried Treasure! - Graham Ingels

ISSUE 32 (Cover by Jack Davis)
Tain't The Meat... It's The Humanity! - Jack Davis
Roped In! - George Evans
Cutting Cards! - Fred Peters
Squash... Anyone? - Graham Ingels

ISSUE 33 (Cover by Jack Davis)
Lower Berth! - Jack Davis
This Trick'll Kill You! - Jack KamenĀ & George Evans
The Funeral - Jack Kamen
None But The Lonely Heart! - Graham Ingels

ISSUE 34 (Cover by Jack Davis)
Mirror, Mirror On The Wall! - Jack Davis
Oil's Well That Ends Well! - George Evans
Attacks Of Horror! - Jack Kamen
There Was An Old Woman! - Graham Ingels

ISSUE 35 (Cover by Jack Davis)
By The Fright Of The Silvery Moon! - Jack Davis
Midnight Mess! - Joe Orlando
Busted Marriage! - Jack Kamen
This Wraps It Up! - Graham Ingels

ISSUE 36 (Cover by Jack Davis)
Fare Tonight, Followed By Increasing Clottyness... - Jack Davis
Curiosity Killed... - George Evans
How Green Was My Alley - Jack Kamen
The Handler - Graham Ingels

ISSUE 37 (Cover by Jack Davis)
Dead Right! - Jack Davis
Pleasant Screams! - Joe Orlando
Strop! You're Killing Me! - Bill Elder
The Rover Boys - Graham Ingels

ISSUE 38 (Cover by Jack Davis)
Tight Grip! - Jack Davis
...Only Skin Deep! - Reed Crandall
Last Laugh! - Bill Elder
Mournin' Mess - Graham Ingels

ISSUE 39 (Cover by Jack Davis)
Undertaking Palor - Jack Davis
The Craving Grave - Joe Orlando
The Sleeping Beauty! - Jack Kamen
Shadow Of Death - Graham Ingels

ISSUE 40 (Cover by Jack Davis)
Food For Thought - Jack Davis
Pearly To Dead - George Evans
Prairie Schooner - Bernie Krigstein
Half-Baked! - Graham Ingels

ISSUE 41 (Cover by Jack Davis)
Operation Friendship - Jack Davis
Come Back, Little Linda! - George Evans
Current Attraction - Jack Kamen
Mess Call - Graham Ingels

ISSUE 42 (Cover by Jack Davis)
Concerto For Violin And Werewolf - Jack Davis
By The Dawn's Early Light - Jack Kamen
The Bath - Bernie Krigstein
Hoodwinked! - Graham Ingels

ISSUE 43 (Cover by Jack Davis)
Four-Way Split - Jack Davis
Cold War - Jack Kamen
Clots My Line - George Evans
Accidents And Old Lace - Graham Ingels

ISSUE 44 (Cover by Jack Davis)
Forever Ambergris - Jack Davis
Burial At Sea - Reed Crandall
The Proposal - Jack Kamen
The Sliceman Cometh - Graham Ingels

ISSUE 45 (Cover by Jack Davis)
Telescope - Jack Davis
The Substitute - Jack Kamen
Murder Dream - Bernie Krigstein
The Switch - Graham Ingels

ISSUE 46 (Cover by Jack Davis)
Upon Reflection - Jack Davis
Blind Alleys - George Evans
Success Story - Joe Orlando
Tatter Up! - Graham Ingels


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