Dream Country


Main Details
Collection Volume 3
Date 1995
Location of Publication London, UK
Genre Fantasy
Format Trade Paperback
Type Comic Book
Language English
  • Dream of the Endless
  • William Shakespeare
  • Calliope
  • Element Girl
Story Location Earth; The Dreaming
  • ISBN — 1-85286-441-9


DJCVR posted 9 months ago:

The re-telling of a "Midsummer Night's Dream" is by far the best rendition I have heard. Still, somewhat a snooze-fest BUT the story of Dream once making love to the Faerie Queen and how that tale seemed to have played out as Dream being the ass in Shakespeare's tale , is a fresh take. Showing how a man usually acts when they have divine love, and then when they lose it ... that ass mask slips off all too quickly.
"The Calliope" story was what any artist becomes when they gain a successful muse, the fear of losing that muse. and ultimately the downside of what it would be to have ideas constantly. The story is a lesson both in quality over quantity, and the power in oneself being greater than that of the false power found in the sweet, sweet illusion of co-dependency.
"A Dream of A Thousand Cats" played out as a coming of age jaunt and a horror-comedy of what could be when a race other than humans that live on earth are not satisfied with their placement. It appears we are not the only one's.
As for "Facade", I read that story when it was reprinted in Gaiman's "Death:The Deluxe Edition", a true classic for any fan of Death or Metamopho and a tale of be careful what you wish for and that death is just another thing in life that patience will reward.

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