Lout Rampage!


Main Details
Volume 1
Issue 1-6 (Partially)
Date 1991-10
Location of Publication Seattle
Genre Alternative
Format Trade Paperback
Type Comic Strips
Page Count 96
Language English
  • ISBN — 9781560970705
Notes Contains the following stories:
- What is the Most Important Invention of the Twentieth Century?
- I Hate You Deeply
- 666 - A Preview of the Coming Apocalypse
- Sexual Frustration
- The Laffin' Spittin' Man
- The Stroll
- Paranoid
- The Dope Peddler
- Devil Doll?
- What Did George Washington's Voice Sound Like?
- Life in These United States
- The Operator
- The Truth
- What Can Robots Do?
- The Show of Violence
- Seduction of the Innocent
- Curtain of Sanity
- I Love You Tenderly
- One for the Father
- Marooned on a Desert Island With the People on the Subway
- The Future
- What Do You Do For a Cold?
- Playful Obsession
- The Sense-Assaulter
- Frankie & Johnnie
- Why Do People Spit?
- Color TV
- Just Another Day
- Where Do Wiseguys Come From?

Most were already published in Eightball, some in Blab!, Young Lust, Buzz, National Lampoon Magazine, Weirdo, Twist or The Village Voice.


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