"The Man Behind the Red Hood!"


Main Details
Volume 4
Issue C-39
Date 1975-11
Location of Publication New York, New York
Genre Superhero
Format Softcover
Type Comic Book
Page Count 64
Language English
  • Batman (Bruce Wayne) (Earth 2)
  • Robin (Dick Grayson) (Earth 2)
  • Superboy (Kal-El) (Earth 1)
  • Flash (Barry Allen) (New Earth)
  • Captain Marvel (Billy Batson) (Earth S)
  • Antagonists:
  • Red Hood (Origin) (Joker) (Earth 2)
  • Lex Luthor (Alexis Luthor) (Earth 1) (Origin)
  • Captain Cold Leonard Snart) (First appearance) (Origin)
  • Dr. Sivana (Thaddeus Sivana) (Earth S)
  • Terra Man(Tobias Manning) (Origin)
Story Location New Jersey: Gotham City, Kansas: Smallville, Missouri: Central City, Earth S; New York: New York City, 19th Century; American Old West
Notes Reprinted Issues:

1st story: Detective Comics Vol 1 #168, February, 1951; "The Man Behind the Red Hood!"
2nd story: Adventure Comics Vol 1 #271, April, 1960; Superboy: "How Luthor Met Superboy!"
3d story: Showcase Vol 1 #8, June, 1957; Flash: "The Coldest Man on Earth!"
4th story: Whiz Comics Vol 1 #15, March, 1941; Captain Marvel: "The Origin of Dr. Sivana"
5th story: Superman Vol 1 #249, March, 1972; The Origin of Terra-Man

Despite appearing on the cover, Green Lantern, Sinestro, Wonder Woman and Cheetah do not appear in any of the stories reprinted in this comic.


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