"Sivana's Time Trap"


Main Details
Volume 1
Issue C-21
Date 1973-06
Location of Publication New York, New York, 1931, 1951
Genre Superhero
Format Softcover
Type Comic Book
Page Count 80
Language English
  • Captain Marvel (Billy Batson) (Earth S)
  • Captain Marvel Jr. (Freddie Freeman) (Earth S)
  • Mary Marvel (Mary Batson) (Earth S)
Story Location Earth S: New York: New York City
Notes Reprints from previous issues:

1st story: Captain Marvel Adventures # 121 June, 1951; "Silvana's Time Trap"
2nd story: Captain Marvel Adventures # 19 January 1, 1943; The Training of Mary Marvel
3d story: Captain Marvel Jr. # 11 September, 1943; Trouble in Troll Land!
4th story: Captain Marvel Adventures # 115 December 1950; Mr. Tawny's Personality Peril!
5th story: The Marvel Family # 85 July 1953; The Primate Plot
6th story: Captain Marvel Adventures # 68 December 1946; The Missing Red Suit

This is the official beginning of the C-Series treasuries.


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