Walk Not In The Desert's Sun


Main Details
Volume 2
Issue 11
Date 1971-02
Location of Publication Sparta, Illinois, USA
Genre Mystery
Format Softcover
Type Comic Book
Page Count 32
Language English
  • Phantom Stranger (New Earth)
  • Antagonists:
  • Tannarak (Apparent Death)
Story Location Africa: Sudan, Atlantic Ocean, Europe (Cameo): France; Paris (Cameo), Eiffel Tower (Cameo), Italy: Rome (Cameo); Vatican City (Cameo), England: London (Cameo), Big Ben (Cameo), Middle East: Israel, New York: New York City; Empire State Building, Manhattan, Brooklyn Bridge
Notes This issue is reprinted in Showcase Presents: The Phantom Stranger Vol. 1.
Tannarak last appeared in The Phantom Stranger (Volume 2) #10. He appears next in The Phantom Stranger (Volume 2) #17.
The story of this issue has a second chapter called "And the Gods Call Me Messiah..."
The "Gods of Hate" of this story, are very similar in concept to the Lords of Chaos, but it's not possible to tell if they are the same entity.


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