Micro-Ducks From Outer Space


Main Details
Issue 15
Date 1989-09
Location of Publication Prescott, AZ
Genre Anthropomorphic
Format Softcover
Type Comic Book
Page Count 36
Language English
  • Scrooge McDuck
  • Donald Duck
  • Huey, Dewey, and Louie
  • Gyro Gearloose
  • ISSN — 1041-3197
Notes Story originally appeared in Uncle Scrooge (Western, 1963 series) #65 of 1966-09.
Barks' commentaries:

The author of this story offers no apologies for its flying saucer theme. He believes its bizarre sequence of happenings is within the realm of possibility. Certainly UFOs have been seen by human eyes, and there is evidence that their crews are able to juggle molecular structures, else how come our radar beams go right through them?
Too often people think of UFO visitors as being menacing monsters. Might it not be just as logical that the visitors view us as the menacing monsters? Must their spaceships be huge, glowing leviathans? Can't their crews be vegetarians rather than voracious people-eaters?
This story attempts to meet such questions head on. I hope you like Captain Micron and Princess Teentsy Teen. They show that they kind of like us...

Why should we imagine that this speck of dust we live on is so important in the world of all those other ones up in the sky? There must be creatures up there far superior to us in their inventions and brains and everything else. We're probably on the mental level of outer space worms. I feel that Earth people, with their cynical way of looking down on everybody else, are about the worst beings in the whole sky.
If we ever did get to outer space, we'd be the worst hellions ever created. When visitors from out there come to visit, they'd better be on their guard, because we'll hit them over the head, trample them, and pick their pockets.

I felt this story was a good swat at people who are cynical about flying saucers, thinking that only we are intelligent enough to make space voyages. These little guys that came from outer space were far ahead of Earth. I decided to make it a tiny spaceship because the gigantic ones are the common way of thinking of them, and I didn't have to do a devil of a lot of drawing.

Scrooge is meticulously moral about selling corn to the micro-ducks. They buy one grain, and he measures out gold dust - under a microscope - to give them change. That makes a great impression on the micro-ducks. They'd been listening to our radios and imagined that we were all crooks who would never give anybody from space or anywhere else a break.

There was a little emotional kick, I thought, when the little guys flew away. Scrooge had been defeated in trying to get his billion dollars, but he swallowed the disappointment and said that he had a big deal coming up in 8 years when those little fellows came back to buy kernels of corn.


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