Anybody Here Know a Guy Named Meteor Man?


Main Details
Volume 1
Issue 33
Date 1975-05
Location of Publication New York, New York
Genre Superhero
Format Softcover
Type Comic Book
Page Count 32
Language English
  • Spider-Man (Peter Parker)
  • Nighthawk (Kyle Richmond)
Story Location New York: State Penitentiary, New York City; Manhattan
Notes Continuity Notes:
The events in this issue happen between the events of Amazing Spider-Man #145, during his hunt for the Scorpion.
Nighthawk recounts how he survived a bomb blast in recently, referring to the events of Giant-Size Defenders #4.
Spider-Man recognizes Nighthawk from a description that Daredevil gave him. Daredevil first encountered Nighthawk while he was a super-villain during the events of Daredevil #62. Daredevil more recently encountered Nighthawk (now a hero) in Giant-Size Defenders #3. Daredevil possibly told Spider-Man behind the scenes during their last encounter Marvel Team-Up #25.
This issue begins a three-part story arc featuring members of the Defenders individually teaming up with Spider-Man and the Human Torch.


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