"Kang the Conqueror"


Main Details
Volume 1
Issue 5
Date 1972-01
Location of Publication New York, New York
Genre Superhero
Format Softcover
Type Comic Book
Page Count 48
Language English
  • Wasp (Janet Van Dyne)
  • Giant-Man (Hank Pym)
  • Thor (Thor Odinson)
  • Iron Man (Tony Stark)
  • Captain America (Steve Rogers)
  • Supporting Characters:
  • Rick Jones
  • Spider-Man (Peter Parker)
  • Antagonists:
  • Spider-Man Robot (First appearance)
Story Location New York: New York City; Manhattan, Queens, Virginia: Arlington, Washington, D.C., Subspace, Mexico: Temple of Tirod
Notes Reprinted issues:
1st story: Avengers Vol 1 #8, September, 1964; "Kang the Conqueror"
2nd story: Avengers Vol 1 #11, December, 1964; "The Mighty Avengers Meet Spider-Man!"

Iron Man appears on the cover of this issue, but not in Story #2 which features Spider-Man.
Great controversy as to the cover credits to this issue. This editor (as well as George Olshevsky of Marvel Comic Index fame) gives credit to Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers. However, it is highly probable that Steve Ditko did the image of Spider-Man for the cover.


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