"A Blast From the Past"


Main Details
Volume 1
Issue 2
Date 1974-11
Location of Publication New York, New York
Genre Superhero
Format Softcover
Type Comic Book
Page Count 68
Language English
  • Mantis
  • Hawkeye (Clint Barton) (Joins team)
  • Vision
  • Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff)
  • Swordsman (Jacques Duquesne) (Death)
  • Iron Man (Tony Stark)
  • Thor (Thor Odinson)
  • Supporting Characters:
  • Agatha Harkness
  • Fantastic Four:
  • Mister Fantastic (Reed Richards)
  • Human Torch (Johnny Storm)
  • Invisible Girl/Woman (Susan Storm)
  • Thing (Ben Grimm)
Story Location New York: New York City; Manhattan, Africa: Egypt; Lower Egypt (Approximately 2960 BC), Giza, China: Forbidden City, Upstate New York: Doctor Doom's Castle, 31st Century
Notes Continuing from the events in Avengers #129.
Captain America appears on the cover of this issue, but is not a part of the story line. He appears only in a brief flashback.
1st Story: "A Blast From the Past"

Reprinted Issue:
2nd story: Fantastic Four Vol 1 #19, October, 1963; "Prisoners of the Pharaoh!"


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