Mark "M.D. Bright" Bright

Mark D. Bright (born 1955) is an American comic book and storyboard artist. Sometimes credited as Doc Bright (a play on his initials), he is best known for pencilling the Marvel Comics Iron Man story Armor Wars, the two Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn miniseries for DC Comics, for painting the iconic cover to Marvel Comics' Transformers #5, (featuring the Decepticon Shockwave and the haunting words "Are All Dead" underneath the series title), and for co-creating Quantum and Woody with writer Christopher J. Priest. Mostly out of comics, Bright is now a freelance storyboard artist, although he and Priest reunited for a 5-issue Quantum and Woody miniseries [1] published by the new incarnation of Valiant Comics in 2014–2015, but set in the continuity of the original Quantum and Woody series.


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