Do a series has to be entered in her original language or do we create one series per language?
This series is originaly a french series, my opinion is that to keep the original language is a better option.

You are right: The name of the series should be in the original language. For example, this thread discusses that:

I recently added some Portuguese translations to that series, which had previously only German translations. I didn't change the series name because I was unsure of the original name.
(On my translations only the 3rd one mentions that it is the final book in the "Trilogia Nikopol". The others don't mention a series.)

Anyway, my opinion is to change it to "Nikopol", since it seems to be the way it is usually known in French.

Just a note to inform that I've changed the series title to La Trilogie Nikopol, supported by Wikipedia.

Thanks a lot:)

What if the series has the same name, but it's released in many different languages? Like:

There's a complete mess, many different language versions of the same comics.
Should we create seperate series for every langauge, like "Asterix [PL]" for polish version?

I don't think we should create a different series for each language. what we need is a master release where all different editions of the same book can be gathered. management agreed but we are waiting. so yes it is a bit messy until we get more tools.
for Asterix, it got messier as many subs that were incorrectly on bookogs were moved to here by management, creating many duplicates and all have missing fields due to the difference between the 2 databases. Staff is waiting for volunteers to start identifying those and calling for merge in the forum... if you have time...?
and nice to see you are adding many Polish comics! really cool.

Sure, could do that - when I have some time! for now I only have some to add more comics, hah. Thanks, yeah, that page doesn't have many polish comics and polish versions and I have tens of them laying around... I'll add them all in time, don't worry.

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