We have lots of credits for Hellblazer and I was thinking of cleaning them up, but it occured to me that I should raise it here first!




all seem to be the same series.

What do we think should be the series name?

Hellblazer is the commonly used name and has been used for more comics on here, but the series was called John Constantine, Hellblazer.

Shall I fix them into one series, and if so, which one would you go for?

I would go for Hellblazer, with ANVs when needed.
Let's keep it simple, this site is already a mess with so much to fix.
I think if we keep it simple, we will avoid having even messier subs. Just my 2 cents...

anyone else got an opinion? if not i will put all of these subs under Hellblazer :)

I would say use whatever is listed in the indices. If they all say Hellblazer what I have done is add the add'l title using the "pencil" for a series variation. As an example for "World's Finest Comics" sometimes the heroes changed so under the variation I would add who they were. Same thing with Marvel Team Up. I would add the heroes that were in that issue.

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