Why isn't it possible to choose more than one genre?

I agree, the site need more genres in the list (as commedy that is missing for example) and maybe it will be better to have the possibility to add one or more sub-genres. Some kind of comics, expecially Mangas need more attention to this as they differ in genres (Shōnen, Shoyo, Kodomo, etc) and format (Tankōbon, Bunkoban, Wideban, etc).

It's a long time I'm thinking of a discogs kinda site for comics and I'd like to help more on this project with some contributions but unfortunatly for the moment Wikipedia remains the most complete and easy-to-use source

That's a good idea. I am just doing popular stuff, so it's easy for me to put superhero, but I can see the benefit of having multiple genres/tags.

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