How important is this field to you as a reader/collector? Im considering becoming a contributor, but I don't want to read through my entire collection to get those details. I don't mind scanning through to add what characters appear in the issues, but the location seems a little much and unimportant.

What do you think?

Also, series titles show up, but multiple volumes have been created under the same title. When I click "The Punisher" for example, I don't want to see every issue of every series in one field. I want to choose the volume and only see the issues of that volume.

Is there a way to do that? If not, I suggest we add a new field in the search side bar for volume.

story location is totally useless. forget it.

add volume # in title field, like for a mag

I think story location is not important. I really don't know why the interface isnt' the same as Discogs but with different fields (of course), everything would be so easy.

The main problem is that the staff here doesn't care at all about users.

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