I just added 104 issues of The Punisher Volume 2 and 7 annuals. It would have been nice if I could have worked off a template since much of the information is the same. I had to type in Don Daley, Tom DeFalco, and Mike Baron many times. Things like genre, format, type, language were also the same every issue.
I love the idea of this site and i'd like to contribue a lot more, so it would be nice if I could save time.

Yes, I thought about it too, too many series have almost the same credits over many issues, it would be great to have such templates.

I think 'Add one like this' is what you are looking for.

Thank you! That's awesome. I wish I knew this before I added the entire Punisher series, but i'm new. I'm still getting familiar with the site.

Thanks, damn, I also didn't know about this option till this thread!
Maybe it would be better to add this option as seperate button on every comic's page instead of burying it under "edit" one?

Ahhh! Great tip with the "add one like this" feature. I wish I would have known after adding so many doom patrol with up to six credits every time. Live and learn, right?

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