Remove the leaderboard. I feel like it encourages lazy entries with little to no information. Im seeing books that aren't even being added to a series.
The minimum should be title, series, credits, issue number, and publication date.

Cell phone pictures of covers also bothers me, but i'll try to live with that.

I understand your frustration with those subs, but i don't think that this has something to do with rankhunting. Sadly there are not many contributors here, so one person often works alone on an entire series. You can add a whole series with minimum information in a few days, whereas it would probably take you months to submit it with complete information for every issue. Unfortunately, if Comicogs wants to compete with other sites, at this point in time its more about quantity than quality, but the gaps can always be filled in later.

See my next forum post. It takes me less time to copy my own quality entry than it does to fix all DrBoots bad entries. I feel bad calling out one person because im sure he's not the only one responsible, but its extremely frustrating to see such poor entries. Even the pictures are bad. They are terribly off colour or have huge glare across the image because they didn't take it out of the bag before taking a picture with a cell phone instead of scanning. The information they do input isn't even correct. I find myself spending more time fixing their entries than it would take to add my own.

I really appreciate your work, rek. In fact, I have copied some of your formatting and you inspire me to be more accurate and complete. Unfortunatly, im losing interest due to the extremely poor quality of some users entries and the lack of staff interaction. I feel like they have given up on this site and i'm wasting my time.

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