I come from Discogs, where I have indexed more than 1000 entries. As the forum does not have a search engine, I do not know if this topic has been addressed before, so I apologize in case it is.

I own a collection of thousands of comics and I love Comicogs to list and use as a definitive site for my collection. I think the site has enormous potential and as I am used to Discogs there are a few things I hope can be improved so that adding new indexes is not a devious task.

Before the details I think there are functions that are urgently needed, because I am discouraged to think that I will index my collection and then I will have to re-correct them one by one in case the changes are made in a long time.

-Artist name variations (ANV)
-List of countries
-Master releases
-Credit "Other" with explanation in braquets
-The possibility of dragging a credit to a new box as in discogs (I can't even copy and paste something in that box)

Thanks a lot to Comicogs staff for such a cool website and please stay safe in this hard moment.

Best regards.


just discovered that I can do ANV, my bad sorry.

Is there a staff in comicogs?

we have been asking for these improvement for years now... the site has been more or less abandoned by staff.
After years, they added the category peroodical. Now that makes thousands of subs to correct retroactively. what a mess.

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