One role that I've come across several times so far is Consulting Editor, which I've been entering as just Editor, since there's no way to notate distinctions as there is on Discogs with 'Role [Distinction]'. President is another role, though I don't think there's an analog for it in the existing Credits list. If anyone has similar suggestions, this would be a good place to mention them.

I am currently adding many Vol. 1 The Avengers (Marvel) comics and several times I have come across a 'Breakdowns' credit which I couldn't decide from the list what it might be near to, following some research, I think it needs adding as an option, as it is common enough for a wikipedia page.. (scroll to para.2)

Not 100% sure but at least with Marvel think "breakdowns" refers to art and "plotter" to writing.

I think it's more akin to a proof-reader or for want of a better term re-mixer - before printing the breakdown guy (or girl) looks at the finished work, and suggests/makes any necessary changes to the story, text, art and ensures continuity with previous storylines??

Yeah I'm actually pretty curious. I've only seen this credit on Jim Shooter era marvels. Plotter credits are always given to people that I think of as writers and breakdowns to people I think of as writers. maybe it's something that Marvel picked up from tv/films to try and credit properly in the "Marvel style" of writing. If anyone has any answers would love to know. Either way both are credits worth adding

  • Cover Layout.
  • Retouch / Retouching / Retouched By. Whichever would be the most accurate or commonly used one.
  • Layout By. I assume "Designed By" can used to somewhat same extent, but still, it'd be more specific and accurate
  • Adapted By. Used in comics etc. that are based on an anime, a video game, or such. I guess "Author" can be used for these, but again, using what's printed on the actual comic would be more correct/specific.

How about Separator? It seems to be a new, computerized version of colorist. Also, how about dedicated? or something like that for when they dedicate an issue after a milestone year.

hey everyone, we've added these roles to the credit field. Thanks for the feedback and sorry it took so long!

Some more I came across while adding a comic. Not sure how necessary all of these are, but I recall looking for Logo By / Logo Design earlier too.

Project Originator
Executive Editor
Logo By / Logo Design
Vice President
Sales Manager

Cover Colorist is one that I keep coming across. I've just been throwing it under Cover Artist so far.

This goes a bit off topic, but regarding series credits:

I recall writing earlier about a need for an option to add multiple series to a comic. For example, if they belong to a series by the publisher, as well as a series by the artist at the same time. I'd still have a need for that. Bookogs has "series" and "publisher series" as separate credits, so that could work?

There should also be an option to add multiple publishers to a comic, as some are co-released between two or more parties. I know there's an option to add publishers to the credit field, but then they'll link to their common credit-page instead of their publisher page, so it doesn't seem like the ideal solution to me.

Thanks for these suggestions, Ambassador_M and Darthemed. We'll get those credits added to the list.
That's an interesting point about the cross-series and multiple publisher comics, we'll look into adding this to the sub-form too, thanks for pointing this out.

What credit should be used if a comic is based on the works of a certain author, or perhaps on the life/biography of an author?

For examples on where a credit like this would be needed, there are already some comics here based on Franz Kafka's works (and Robert Crumb has done a comic book on his life, not sure if it's added here yet), and I'm currently adding a comic based on the novels of Minna Canth. I feel like credits like Author, Writer, Dedicated etc. wouldn't really be suitable for this.

It'd also be useful for creating a link between comicogs and bookogs (and probably discogs too) at some point. I mean, one could link the comicogs' credit page to bookogs' credit page of Kafka, Canth etc. and vice versa. Or at least I think that would be useful.

It'd also be good to have a separate credit for article writers, as I don't think it'd be good to have it mixed with the Writer-credit which, I think, is meant for the comics' story writers. Many comic magazines have some related articles amidst the comics (but not enough for having a reason to add the comic magazine to bookogs instead) so I think it'd be useful. Or should these just be mentioned in the notes?

Also, some magazines / zines have a cover artist, and a back cover artist. I've so far used the same Cover Artist credit for both, but I don't know if it'd do any harm to have a separate credit for back cover artists.

For those above -

breakdowns are rough outlines of the artwork.
finishes are another penciler taking those rough outlines and turning them into finished pencils.

the amount of detail in breakdowns can vary quite a bit. in contrast to the below explanation, for example, GI Joe #21 had breakdowns by Larry Hama (also writer) and finishes by Steve Leialoha. The Hama pencils were quite detailed and specific, though even more extreme detail was added by Leialoha. The finished product looks like the Hama page but given vibrancy and life through Leialoha's shading and further detail.
This page shows examples of the Hama breakdowns prior to the finishes:

see this info from the below wikipedia entry:

Breakdown art is where the story has been laid out very roughly in pencils to indicate panel layouts and character positions within panels but with no details. Such roughs are sometimes referred to as "layouts."

there are such things as story breakdowns as well, though the term is used regarding penciling much more often.

One more credit request: Series editor.

ps. Falsepriest, you mentioned that the credits me and Darthemed requested would be added, but that doesn't seem to have happened yet. Mentioning just in case they've been forgotten.

It would be more useful if we could put the square bracket descriptors in like on Discogs.

Added the credits mentioned above, let me know if we missed any. Thanks!

New credit role request: Published in/by agreement with

I asked about this before, has a suitable new credit been added yet?
"What credit should be used if a comic is based on the works of a certain author, or perhaps on the life/biography of an author?"
I would think that there'd be use for both of those options.

The following are not really a request for a new credit roles, but:
- It'd be good if there was a field where one could enter the comic's original title & language, in case of translated comics.
- I wish there was an option to add (and mention) barcode and pressing/impression number to the list of identifying codes.
- I'd like the option of adding multiple dates with specifications, such as the option on bookogs. For example, you could add the date of copyright, date of first printing, date of current printing etc. as they are listed on the comic, instead of adding just one date with no direct option of stating what that date refers to.

Seconding the square brackets suggestion.

Roles I've come across that aren't available:
Digital Reconstruction (for collections of print only comics)
Cover Pencils
Cover Inks
Title Page Art
Title Page Colours
Managing Director
Managing Editor
Production Manager
Publishing Director
Reprint Editor
Digital Assistant
Director - Publishing Operations

Could we get 'Photography By' and 'Model' credits added? Running into these for both cover art and interior art.

I've also been coming across 'Concept', which I've been slotting into either 'Creator' or 'Plotter', case by case.

'Coordinator' would be another helpful addition, as would 'Art Direction' (currently entering that one under 'Creative Director').

+1 for art director

Thanks all, I've just updated our credits list to include these.


Here are some more suggestions:

Editorial Staff
Art Assistant
Design Assistant
Technical Advisor
Digital Art Technician
Collection Designer
Editorial Director

+1 for Production

Without the ability to add bracket notes for clarification, probably best to avoid adding an Other role for now.

I think its better to link a person with 'other' than to not acknowledge that he was involved in the release at all. We could still use the notes for clarification.

Hey "staff people" :), can we have "DTP" role please? I see it in almost every comic I upload.

is anybody out there?

Everybody isolated themselves.

staff has been in quarantine for the last 3 months :)

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