You should make a comic cogs app that works as simple as the vinyl disco's app! That would be super cool! or on the disco's app add a comic inventory and use the barcode scanner on the comics!!

That is definitely an interesting idea! I'm glad you're enjoying our Discogs App! Though I think we're far off from that phase for Comicogs, I'm happy to pass your request along for potential future projects. Thank you!

I also think a comicog app would be awesome as I could scan in the comics I already have. Which I might add might take a ton of time without being able to scan them in via UPC

Thanks for the support, wavz! We've still got an eye to the app in the future, but for now our dev team is focused on building an improving the site.

Where's the app?!

No app at the moment sorry, we're focusing on the desktop site.

any development on the app?

Hello, I am bouncing on the question, do you plan to make a comicogs app? It would be amazing! I found discogs less than a week ago thanks to a friend but I have much more comics than vinyl, so I would appreciate to estimate my collection!

Thanks and good job for discogs!

Thanks for the enthusiasm all, unfortunately still no plans for an app

App! App! App! There is no good comic app out there. You guys are totaly leaving money on the table. Be first. Im new here and I got a few records I picked and try and turn them. But I collect comics and just freaked with anticipation when I saw the little link at bottom of page for comics...disapointment. You got to do it. Discogs is awesome, comicogs WILL BE awesome. If you do it.
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Do it, Im with you.

How is this even a question - we need an app!

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