We have Marvel, Marvel Comics, Marvel Publishing Group, Marvel Knights, Marvel NOW!
I think we need to condense these into one publisher, guys.

I think we want to keep submissions as closely accurate to the publication itself as possible.

Are you familiar with ANVs (Artist Name Variation) on Discogs? I think something similar for Publisher pages would work nicely for these cases. What do you think?

Yeah, I think that would definitely work, and work well, If I may add.

Nice! Yeah, I agree. And thinking about Marvel specifically, considering Marvel's brand history, it would be interesting to see their variations archived in this way, associated to each variation's specific publications.

But note that Marvel Knights is not an ANV of Marvel, but a sublabel (in Discogs parlance).

I'm not sure you want to condense them at all - on Discogs it is quite common for a record label to have separate sub-labels and publishing companies, and they often change name over time also. I think for now on Comicogs the publisher should be entered as it appears in the comic!

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