I'm just about to start cataloging my collection. 10,000+ titles for insurance purposes. I don't really have the inclination or time to add photos. Is it going to be useful to generate that list on this sight to bump up the listings or will it just cause ya'll more trouble than it's worth in the long run. Mostly undergrounds/early small press and non super-hero gold and silver age stuff buts plenty of super-hero stuff as well

Hey there! From my perspective, it would be amazing to get more feedback so we can fine tune the submission form for optimal data collection for comics as you encounter those needs. (I can make some basic tweaks to the submission form, like new data fields, category options, etc.)

I'd be interested in hearing from others about including images in your submissions, too.

Hey, funny seeing you here.

I am totally going to try and talk you into potentially at least trying something as far as images goes. If your comics are anything like your records, it'll be an amazing opportunity.

Perhaps maybe we might be able to work something out with just taking as raw photos of the covers and getting some help with bulk editing?

What are your thoughts?

I think list them. You'll get your list for insurance purposes and someone else will find your listing and add the pictures at a later date.

Always nice to find someone else has done half the work when listing stuff! ;-)

Yeah if everyone is ok with it will startnext week. Will be nice to both have a list and beef up the listings here. If mods are ok give me the nod

Well started listing. If anyone has comments would like to hear, will try to add photos later.
Initial thoughs...

<h2 class="headertext" id="1-the-possible-duplicate-window-is-annoying-beyond-belief-can-see-it-being-useful-after-there-are-more-entries-but-right-now-just-slows-things-down">1 the possible duplicate window is annoying beyond belief, can see it being useful after there are more entries but right now just slows things down.</h2> <h2 class="headertext" id="2-copy-to-draft-ala-discogs-would-be-the-most-useful-feature-at-the-moment">2 Copy to Draft ala discogs would be the most useful feature at the moment</h2> <h2 class="headertext" id="3-title-series-volume-needs-some-real-defining-this-seems-to-be-the-1-topic-in-the-forum-ive-started-with-my-carl-barks-comics-as-they-seem-like-a-valuable-addition-but-also-shows-how-complicated-this-stuff-can-be-when-listing-the-early-four-color-issues-of-donald-duck-about-halfway-through-i-realized-this-was-actually-the-2nd-four-color-series-but-left-them-all-as-volume-1-for-consistency-things-like-donald-duck-need-to-be-decided-as-well-are-thing-like-the-30s-one-shot-volume-1-and-the-dell-series-volume-2-im-ok-with-whatever-guidelines-are-made-but-they-need-to-be-made-before-they-can-be-followed">3 Title/Series/Volume needs some real defining. This seems to be the #1 topic in the forum. I've started with my Carl Barks comics as they seem like a valuable addition but also shows how complicated this stuff can be. When listing the early "Four Color" issues of Donald Duck about halfway through I realized this was actually the 2nd "Four Color" series but left them all as volume 1 for consistency. Things like Donald Duck need to be decided as well, are thing like the 30s one shot volume 1 and the Dell series volume 2? I'm ok with whatever guidelines are made but they need to be made before they can be followed</h2>
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