Comics - only fanzines, can be added?

Hm, interesting!

I think that would depend on the content of the comic fanzine you want to submit. If it's more written article content, it would fit in because then it's a Fanzine about comics, not a comic itself. If it's more actual comic styled content, I'd say we would want it here in Comicogs.

What do you think?

Yes, I was thinking about zines more "independent comic magazine" alike, as comic books without ISBN. But first, I´ll post my "official" comics, later I´ll post the comics fanzines. Thanks for the answer, it help me to know better which type of comic magazine include in the comicogs.

Great, I'm glad to help! I can add a new "Type" to the drop-down in the submission form. Do you think the Type would be called "Comic Fanzine"?

yes, "comic fanzine" would be perfect.

I have some sports event programs that I'm sure someone would enjoy in their collection? World cups and 6 nations for the rugby...

@mussorgsky Added!

@audiogen , You may want to consider popping over to and vote +1 for allowing event programs over there.

Unless of course, your event programs are comics? In that case... ! ;)

Theatre and Rugby mostly. Nice one ;-)

Been submitting my collection of terrible/amateur 70s/80s comics and occurs that a definition between comic and fanzine needs to be made. Parameters can be whatever people decide but what is it? Distribution? I'll post some good examples when I get to the underground stuff, but just as an example what's really the difference between Phantasmagoria (only sold through fan channels/zines) and the artzines of the early 70s? Or either of these and American Splendor?

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