Hey… Comicogians! No, that’s not it, either. I’ll keep trying.

We have launched the Comicogs Marketplace! Starting today, you can begin listing items from your collection for sale.

To begin, you can click the Start Selling link in the green bar under the header which will take you to https://www.comicogs.com/browse/book?seller_promo=1 and pop up a short guide to list your first item for sale. You'll also notice a "Sell This Item" button on all items in the database. You can find Policies and FAQs listed at https://shop.comicogs.com/policies-faqs/ (link is in the site footer as well). 

As of this posting, it’s an empty store awaiting your listings, so have at it! As we grow closer to 10,000 comics in the database, we have a great foundation to build from to help comic collectors around the world find just what they're looking for. 

Thank you for your ongoing contributions. There is always more work to be done and we are excited to continue building with you. Please let us know how the Marketplace is working for you in the coming days, weeks and months.

To view my Inventory via an easy link would now be helpful..

Here's the link https://shop.comicogs.com/dashboard/inventory/
Sorry it's not very intuitive, we'll be fixing that up soon!

I just tried and it works, helpful to share a link to my comicogs shop!!

Hi VinylKnights - it's worth noting that the link above will only show you your own inventory when you're logged in, so when i click on the same link I see my inventory. We're working on making the inventory shareable so you can share your shop on social media, email, or wherever you wish, but it's not functional yet. Apologies for the confusion!

Ok I see, I won't share yet, but hopefully in future

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