Hello all,

I'll be listing all my 2000 AD doublers and graphic novels etc over the next weeks. All my comics and records listed are available for acquisition, so take a look and see if there are any tunes or issues that you're interested in. Offloading all the vinyl to a good home, but with the comics, there are some gaps in my collection.

As such, if you have any 2000AD's spare, let me know so I can check if I need them? I'll endeavour to post a list of my missing issues to follow...

Thanks and all the best!

Now I've found the Wantlist, I'll put the issues I'm missing there over time ;-) Please check out my profile if it shows up there! All the best!

I've just submitted loads of my 2000 AD Weekly comics - have filled in a few of your gaps and added a load after yours end. Will try and do the rest tomorrow (#1109 - 1132).

I find it really annoying that the Series page doesn't sort them numerically, or even by most recently added. How it sorts them is beyond me, but it makes it really time-consuming to check and see if an issue is already there (but this is a feature issue for another thread..).

I feel that they should have their Prog # in the title as well as being the issue number though - having so many items with the same Title seems wrong somehow - what do you think?

(I don't think your Wantlist is public)

Agree 100%
would be nice to have any lists sorted by alphabet or by number (like here's my collection in alphabetical order or here's all the 1st issues I have which is the way many people-not me-collect)
Wantlists do not seem to be public

That's all my 2000 AD comics added.

Only responding as it can be kinda lonely round here but look great

Thanks! It can be a bit quiet..

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