A place to submit and track feature requests and site functionality for the community and end users.

*Submitted request to add more than 1 unit of a listing to my "collection"

*Submitted request for Seller Listing information to auto-populate from centralised seller settings (relieving the need to fill description and postal options for every seller listing for example)

*Submitted request for features and functionality that allow collectors to "swap" issues and items

*Submitted request to show "Issue Number" in the Marketplace

I love that someone's finally made a site like this, but seeing that every comic has it's own entry makes it difficult to find things. So here's my idea:
We have a descending organization like this:
1- Comic Title
leads to
2-List Of Volumes
leads to
3-List of Issues (for each volume)
and the issues would lead to the normal page thingys.
One-offs would just have normal links as they do now.

This seems very reasonable

Master edition please. Like on discogs, we need a central spot with "All Versions of this Release", were we can find editions form different publishers, hardback, paparback, deluxe etc.

  • forum post types, like 'bug', 'feature request' (to focus discussion on specific features, rather than have lots of ideas on this page making it hard to respond to each individual idea)

  • a more detailed list view (since the current one is the same as the grid view but with a smaller image and a lot of wasted white space). Perhaps include Volume # of Series, Publisher, Country, Format and Date?

  • Sort lists by Series and Volume numerically before Title alphabetically, so items are grouped more logically (for instance https://www.comicogs.com/series/30735-2000-A-D-Weekly - should this not be sorted by Issue #?), or if you have a number of items from the same series they should be grouped together in lists.

  • Some way of filtering by language, pull-down or list sorting or sub-headings.

Support for entering digital comics (the downloadable kind, not those that can only be read in the browser or the publishers app).

Hi all,
Thanks for the feedback. I've made a note of each of your suggestions and we'll take them into consideration going forward as we continue to make improvements to the site.
Bookogs has a page in the wiki dedicated to User Requested Features (https://www.bookogs.com/wiki/User-Requested-Features). Would something like also be of use on Comicogs?

Like on Discogs I'd like a condition, notes, and folder option. I'd like to able to use notes if comics are signed and categorise comics into my own defined categories.

This would be much more useful once the Master Release feature gets added, but having a Format notation to distinguish between 'direct sales' and 'news-stand' copies of a comic seems like something that should eventually be added.

how about the ability to edit credit names, so that we can remove duplicates and fix errors?

Also, the search is not fit for purpose.

If i put:

Transformers 31

into the search box, i should get issue 31 of the transformers comic within the first few returns. to not get it on a whole page is simply nonsense. i know its there, but i don't know the name of the story.

added to the fact that comics are listed alphabetically by story rather than by issue number, it's really very difficult to find stuff. going through hundreds of entries manually is is the sort of thing that will kill this site if it isn't fixed - people need to be able to find stuff in order to update records, check them against their own copies etc. after all, if the site becomes impossible to use once you've got more than a few pages of comics, what's the point?

A feature that would be helpful, I think, is where if I'm adding a submission, it asks me if I would like to add it to my collection. Often when I'm entering in batches, I forget to add a few here and there to my collection. It seems reasonable to ask this at the entry form, since you're supposed to have it in hand to create a new entry.

It would be great to be able to offer more than one shipping price to the same country (for example, not registered and registered mail).

In general, I think it would be great to do the same than Discogs: offer different shipping methods and calculate by weight. And size if necessary.

Just started here, but Aliases and ANVs for creators would be useful. Just about to submit a comic with Christopher Claremont credited as the writer - he's almost always credited as Chris. And I just added a collected edition with a credit for Werner Roth (as Jay Gavin) - I credited it as Jay Gavin, but it would be useful to add that as an alias for Werner Roth.

Ah, scratch the bit about Chris, I figured out how to do variations. But what about full aliases like Werner Roth/Jay Gavin?

thanks for the suggestions everyone. We make note of these, all go under consideration.

@donnacha: Good that you figured out the anv setup. We currently do not have support for aliases the way Discogs does, but maybe that is something to consider. For now I think maybe just creating a different credit and mentioning it on the profile/notes page of that credit will have to do.

Done. Another thought, some kind of hierarchy of publishers would be good. I'm adding old Marvel collections and some are published by Marvel Comics, some by Marvel Comics Group and some by Marvel Comics Entertainment. A more recent one I'm just about to add is published by Marvel Worldwide, Inc.

It speaks to the changes in ownership and structure of the company in their history, but currently they're listed as separate publishers.

What is the process to correct mistakes? For example, poor Bill Sienkiewicz https://www.comicogs.com/credit/7169-bill-sienkiewicz has been entered as Bill Siekiewicz https://www.comicogs.com/credit/47504-bill-siekiewicz and Bill Sienkewicz https://www.comicogs.com/credit/69637-bill-sienkewicz .

Just update the incorrect ones? I did that with a typo on the Marvel Masterworks series, but the empty typo page still exists https://www.comicogs.com/series/26702-marvel-masterwoks

We critically need to sort tables of series and search results according to Vol. or Issue, so the it is shown from 1 to X (or whatever is the smallest number).

I have problems at the moment to find books because the tables start with the title (which sometimes is not known to me) and are from A to Z.

I'd like to be able to sort my collection according to many of the recorded fields and also by time added please

I'd like to be able to display my contributions in time order

Thanks for the feedback everyone, we have made a note of these ideas. Will take them into account when prioritising features for the near future.

Can we enter collected issues by supplying the entry id, ie the number in the URL, instead or as well as by name? The thumbnails are really difficult to disambiguate sometimes and if we have the issues open in another tab then the URLs are available.

In the collection and contributions displays, the 'collected volume' is not shown, which means that all of the TPs I've added using that new field no longer show their vol. Can this be added please?

Can a 'page size' be added to the 'collection' and 'contributions' displays please?

I'd like to be able to search within my contributions please

I'd like to be able to search within my collection please

I guess you must have this facility in the back-end but it would be really handy when entering variations if we could diff two entries

I'd like to be able to add names in the credits section without assigning roles ... When I go through on the first pass I enter everything from the cover and the key names are generally printed thereon.

Hi DrBoots,
Thanks for the suggestion. Searching within your collection and contributions is on our roadmap, hopefully that will be added soon.
I've noted down all your suggestions and will discuss how and when we can implement these going forward. Thanks!

Good news, thanks :)

As mentioned in https://www.comicogs.com/forum/87370-title-comment a "cover title" field would be great please

Still no master release? It exists on Filmogs as "Film", why not here as Master release? It has been years we have been asking.

Request please: when we enter a search, can the search criteria be retained in the search box for a quick edit and search again?

Still no master release? It exists on Filmogs as "Film", why not here as Master release?

Sorry for the delay, we haven't been able to prioritise master pages on Comicogs over other improvements, but we're hoping to get these added soon.

As mentioned in https://www.comicogs.com/forum/87370-title-comment a "cover title" field would be great please

That's an interesting idea - however I'd like to see some more support from the community for this field before we commit to it. Would those in favour mind chiming in here?

When we enter a search, can the search criteria be retained in the search box for a quick edit and search again?

Will make a note of this for future search improvements

Chime :)

Hi, following on from not being able to set 0 as a collection volume, can someone set this entry in the bank end? https://www.comicogs.com/comic/91506-the-life-and-times-of-cindy-moon I'm sure there are others but I can't remember them at the moment. Thanks

Hi, following on from not being able to set 0 as a collection volume, can someone set this entry in the bank end?

The way our validation is setup at the moment it doesn't really allow for that option. Will make a note of it. Is a zero indexed collection volume a common thing?

Also that submission feels pretty barebones to me. I'd encourage adding identifying codes or a cover image or anything else that could help people verify they had the same thing. As it stands its pretty hard to iterate or add more detail.


I don't know how common it is although I do have a few that start with zero.

I'll enhance the entry, don't worry. I've got my routine ;-)

I'll just add another 'chime' for 'cover title' as I have quite a lot of issues where the cover title is quite different from the story title and helpful when disambiguating entries. The Brave and The Bold series is a good example of this.

When trying to find a name that contains diacritics, it would be great if the search considered non-accented characters as a match because it's not always possible to type the correct accented character

Is there any value in a 'cover price / currency' entry, like in bookogs?

Another feature request: it would be great if we could link back from single issues to the collected entry. I assume the reverse look-up could be performed in the db / server layer so we wouldn't have to enter it on the individual issues but it certainly would help when trawling through the second-hand comic stores.

Adding in the Collection Volume was great - but it doesn't display in any of the aggregator views (or search results). It would be great if it did instead of the issue number.

The ability to filter (by volume and language) and sort aggregator views by issue number or collection volume would be fantastic, it's currently a nightmare to try and find comics to add to collected editions.

The ability to manually add entry numbers to the "Collects" field when the submitters have just entered comics with the series name rather than individualised names. At the moment, if there are more than 10 such entries, you can't find add that aren't in those 10.

And some kind of limitation to Issue field - I see some submitters have put full names and issue numbers of the comics in collected editions into that field.

Also, the ability to separate credits with a header (for collected editions where different creators are on different collected issues) and/or add notes to the credits (either what the exact credit says or issue number in collected editions, etc.).

What are the chances of getting a 'Mark as invalid' feature added, as in this Discogs feature, to block off commonly misused names for publishers and so on?

An API would be very useful. I already have my comics in a database complete with metadata so it would just be a matter of writing a small script to take care of things. I really don't want to re-enter all those titles by hand...

As a seller, I would really like to be able to list a run of issues or a complete set of a title, together as a single item for sale.

For example, I have all 50 issues of Cheval Noir that I would like to sell as a set, but I'm not going to make 50 listings and then piecemeal the set out to 50 buyers, for a title where the issues are only worth a few bucks each.

(copied from seperate threads)

Is it possible to have some more sorting methods in "Series"? For now they can only be sorted in alphabetical order or by latest edits/additions.
What's needed is sorting by volume number, that's for starting.

Also alphabetical sorting doesn't always works - for example in this series:
It's ordered by roman numerals (and each volume has the same name, "Ksiega", meaning tome/volume followed by roman numeral) and I've used the same to order then numerically (because why not, it's consistent). But it seems that number XIX goes right after XIV and before XVI, when it obviously should be after XVI.
Can it be fixed?

We also need new credits, many comics I'm submitting have role which can be translated as "Technical editor", none of which are already available fits into this description.
Also "proofreader/proofreading" - this also occurs for comics.

And please - MASTER RELEASE to gather all issues.

It'd also be nice to be able to rate issues.

Make Offer feature....

Thank for your site, it's really cool for managing a comics collection.
As for new features, I must say that more sorting options in series (specially by publishing date, or volume/issue), or in personnal collection (by author/volume/issues, or author/publishing date, or simply publishing date) would be much appreciated.
Also, I would find it usefull to be able to add sub-series to a main serie ("Elfquest" = "The Grand Quest" + "Siege At Blue Mountain" + "Kings Of The Broken Wheels" + ... for example).
And to specify multiply names for a publisher ("Warp Graphics" = "Warp Graphics, inc") or persons ("Chris Ware" = "Franklin Christenson Ware" = "F. C. Ware") would be very usefull.
Thanks !

Ha, and adding a "Collected In" section in comics would be great to.

And also, a new field to specify the Collection of a comic would be very interresting, in my opinion.
This could be a new object with a Name, a books list and all, and they could be listed in a Publisher's page, like :

! Collection Bile Blanche
Collection Flegme

Warp Graphics
!_ The Complete Elfquest Collection
!- The Elfquest Reader's Collection

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