...at the time of writing.

Has anyone sold anything yet? How's the experience overall?

also been curious. Any sales yet?

Is there even a way to view the items a user has up for sale?

If you click on an item and then the seller, it will bring up their entire inventory. No way to pull up from profile though which might be nice

I am wondering about sales as well. and is this a british site mainly?

There have been a few sales yes and we expect them to grow alongside listings. Not limited to Britain in any way no and the location of sellers is fairly spread out afaict at a glance.

There should be updates to improve browsing and searching of the marketplace in the coming days too, stay tuned.

Tough to add items if you have large volumes in a series. Would be great to search "amazing spider-man" and then be able to just check off or select all the issues you have in that series. It should also sort by issue #.

Took me awhile to find the "add an item like this" which makes listing multiple issues pretty quick. Even on big mainstream titles less than 10% of issues have been listed. Agree that sorting by issue would make things much easier but this seems to be a sight very much in process. Staff is pretty responsive, although can take a while.
Very happy there have been some sales. I think the more that happen the more effort that will be put into the sight. It's a bit of a bummer that most things listed are pretty easily find-able on all the usual spots for A LOT less than what is listed. On the bright side very cool to see some small press stuff listed here being sold by the publisher or creator!

I'd say if you have spent the time for a good amount of listing it might be worth your time to promote the site on social media or whatever. and are all the listings without a seller already sold items? when I list an item I list one for sale as well.

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