sorry for posting so much tonight but about to get into my batch of Spirit newspaper sections. Seems insane that these classics wouldn't be part of this sight. I'll go ahead and list them as I'm guessing reprints of them may already be listed here. (unless I hear different), but...
The real question I have is what to do about newspaper strips in general. Can clipped strips be listed or should they only be listed as part of a Sunday section. What about dailies, should it be listed as the whole newspaper?
This is a small but dedicated portion of the comic collecting community. It's also some of the best comic art ever created and already seen collections of that stuff listed here.
OK with whatever the community decides and get 365 entries per year for current strips could be outside of what this sight is intended to achive

I honestly can't see how newspaper comic strips belong here.

After all, the point of this site is to document the comic, the graphic novel, the entire packaged unit. In essence, you're suggesting that the full daily newspaper or weekly magazine be added here simply because it features the latest Peanuts, Garfield or Hagar strips?

Other opinions are welcome but I'm not sure that's the focus of this site.

If anything should be listed on Bookogs?

Most comic strip collectors buy "clipped" strips but can see how it might be difficult from a bibliographical point of view. Probably the syndicates wouldn't be very happy about it either.

I think you're fighting a losing battle here, as all the ..ogs sites deal in 'complete' releases for want of a better way of putting it. So, it is the entire object that qualifies as a submission to the database - therefore a newspaper containing a comic strip would not belong here on comicogs, though maybe could be listed on bookogs as magazines can be listed there (and with that, I guess other bound periodicals i.e. newspapers), but clippings themselves would not qualify.

Nice to have some discussion here!
Thank for you thoughts VK
Wasn't really "fighting a battle" more just asking a question.
Wonder if all the Spirit sections from the 40s I listed should come down?
For: Listed in just about any comic book database (from Overstreet to GCD)
Against; These are also clipped from newspapers
Maybe the solution is a "comic" cannot be one page. It would exclude sequential art prints/broadsides/posters but maybe that's ok

I wouldn't take anything down, but I would say the choices of format suggest an entire book or comic i.e. softcover/hardcover etc. so after the beta they may get removed anyway, or a new category added, if enough people want it?

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