It appears that I can only have 30 items listed in my collection. I've submitted 36 items and each time I add the next one to my collection it seems to drop a random item. I can't see any pagination controls in either Grid or List view.

I've been testing this with only 3-4 items to see if I'm doing this wrong (as in a PEBCAK problem), but I'm still finding that the first time I click to add an item to my collection all this does is remove another item in the collection, so it's not to do with having 30 items.

I did manage to get 3 items to appear having removed all items from my collection and started again, but trying to add a 4th item (one I have submitted myself with a Collection value of 0) all this did was remove one of the 3 that was already there and not add it.

I don't have that many things to add, but it's really hard to keep track of which one is being randomly dropped when I try and add a new one.

Any ideas?

Have a message in with comicogs, no response in 2 days.
Items keep dropping from my collection each day as well. Seems to be 2 a day but may be the number of books I'm trying to re-add
I also notice everything that's been added since the problem started (at least the ones I checked) are only followed and not in anyone's collection.
Maybe "follow" could be a temporary fix for you?
Let me know. I've added 2000 things. Been trying to generate an inventory for insurance and help the sight out. Pretty frustrating to be 20% done and have it crap out and also hate to have to click on 2000 entries for a system that might not be working
Also "contributions" seems to be ok but doesn't work well for keeping track of your collection.

'follow' must get ticked automatically for items I've submitted as it's (I think) the same as my contributions list so at least that is working and as you say I can use as a temporary fix. It would be helpful if the contributions list could be viewed in the same ways as the followed lists and have the number of items too.

I think the items that were being dropped from my collection by adding other items were still showing as in my collection on their individual page.

Anyway, it would be great it Comicogs could respond. I have a pile of Hellboy, BPRD, Tintin, Asterix, and loads of 2000ADs to add but as you say, having to go back through loads of entries will be a real pain!

I'm experiencing exactly the same problem trying to follow items instead. Clicking follow that shows '1' results in a '0' and does not add the item to my follow list until I click it again. Either there is something wrong or the interface is so completely counter-intuitive that it makes it too difficult to use.

Still no response from Comicogs...

Also still no response.
Been checking IntersExChildrEn entries who seems to be the main lister last few days and see some stuff marked with "collection" and some as "followed" and sometimes both.Hope they see this and chime in.
I'm getting nothing to show up anymore and actually the beginning of the stuff I had added is slowly disappearing.
Earlier added one title as well as adding one of the disappeared contributions to my "followed" list both are now gone.
Going to try sending a message to last staff member who posted here like a month ago

I've stopped trying to add to my collection for now, and after yesterdays brief attempt at following items already in the site have given that up too. My contributions list seems OK though (despite its lack of features and unhelpful lack of sensible sorting, but that's for another post). I'll carry on contributing what items I have and wait until I get some kind of solution before I try and make a collection or follow items again.

hey everyone, thanks for the heads up and for the discussion. We are aware of the issue, sorry for the late reply. The cause was tangentially related performance changes. We have rolled back the offending bug, the list functionality should work as before. Apologies for the inconvenience and for any data loss.

Thanks. The whole site feels much more responsive now.

Have 4 entries that are in system but won't show in my collection list but are showing in following list.
Anyone else having ghost entries like this.
Was my 1st 2 entries and 1st 2 that I had done when problem started

Here's one of each, if someone could add them to their collection and let me know if they show up would be very appreciated

They showed up for me, both in Collection and when I Followed them too.

And they're showing that they're both Followed by 1 user and in 1 Collection, (presumably yours?).

Hey everyone. Sorry about that. We had a bug in the system that was causing the strange behavior.

We just put out a fix for this so it should be working correctly now. If you notice any problems please let us know.

Also, if you tried to add anything to your collection/wantlist/following over the past few days, it is probably not in your list now and you'll need to re-add it. Sorry about that!

Thanks joshk-f!
Yeah that is me and still not showing.
I figured out a work around where I "add one like this" keep it the same and then edit weird listing to a book from my girlfriend's collection.
Glad it will show for other people (plus she can keep track of her stuff when I talk her into it) but something weird going on that developers might want to look into

The work around is NOT working on this though....
here's new entry
and here's the initial

neither will show up in my collection tab, not the hugest deal but figured you don't want 3 entries for same issue

I just added it again...

but other 2 should be deleted and something went wrong that is [probably worth looking in to

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