Do single panel cartoon/humor books belong here?
Like Farside collections for example or Charles Adams books
So far just been sticking to sequential stuff but wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts

Far Side and Charles Addams? Two of my favourites although I do wonder if they belong here. Good question.

If not here, then certainly Bookogs -- but where do you really draw the line (pun intended)?

Silly me, I nearly forgot I had added which consists of mostly single-panel stuff along the lines of the Far Side and Charles Addams. suggests they ought to be in Bookogs, though.

I'm not so sure. I'm not sure Farside (or Hustler Humor) is an illustrated book.
I also wonder about where something like Lynd Ward books belong. Many people consider them to graphic novels.
Also thanks for responding!
I'm down with whatever is decided and haven't been listing any of the things I've asked questions about until there is a call one way or the other

Due to utter lack of direction or leadership of this site, I honestly wouldn't know where to draw any lines, or even to offer any sort of ideas where it would make sense to do so.

What I am taking away is that Mad Magazines are looking to be less eligible than before, and if that's not a comic, then I don't know what is.

Mind you, doesn't the very "Type - Comic Strips" suggest they're eligible?

That would be my thought but they aren't "sequential art".
Another person here reminded me this sight is still in Beta mode. I'm guessing we're the nerds that get to figure this stuff out. Agree that "rules" for what constitutes a "comic" or "graphic novel" need some working on (at least in my opinion)
Also thanks for some forum action, nice to hear from someone else

Speaking of what to do things...
Slowing getting through the bookshelves (as opposed to the comic boxes) and was sad to see that Phoebe Gloeckner's amazing books/graphic novels would not fit here under current guidelines

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