At present, the Search facility gives terrible results. For example, I am adding to database all my Avengers Vol. 1 at the moment, if I search "The Avengers" the top result is useful, for The Avengers series, but then A-Z I have to get to page 13 or something of results, almost all of which have neither the word "The" or "Avengers" in the titles. I am trying to avoid adding a duplicate so before I add a comic I like to quickly search to check no-one else just added it..

Hi VinylKnights,
Thanks for the feedback. This is definitely something we're looking at improving. I'll deliver your suggestions to the development team, hopefully we can get it corrected quickly.

Thanks - hopefully there will eventually be an advanced search similar to on Discogs, where you can enter several fields to narrow things down. I know you can use filters already on Comicogs, but for searching "The Avengers" and then adding filter i.e. Marvel as Publisher, you still get all the titles that don't even have "Avengers" in title..

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