Hello there.
I'm a very active discogs member, and have been checking this comicogs project since its early stages. It still is IMHO extremely clunky and often counter productively organized, but I thought I'd try to be more productive and contribute instead of just critisizing.

So I have a few submissions, please let me know if I did it correctly (the Title bit is really confusing!). I also heavily edited this one : https://www.comicogs.com/comic/29738-rubber-blanket
I was checking a few things of interest and was very frustrated while looking for an old Wonder Woman comic (vol.1 #199) : typing "Wonder Woman" and getting first hit an old Wonder Woman (#53), clicking on the "Wonder Woman" series on the entry, and getting results from vol.2 mixed with vol.1, two different series...

I have about 20 000 comics in my collection, mostly indie/underground/alternative stuff, but also hundreds of french comics, as well as various other languages...

I would like to enter most of it, if I feel this is catching on, as I already use another site that perfectly fits my needs but for one thing : a marketplace.
Which means that I will therfore focus on entering books in the DB that I'm actually after, which will be a better test to see if people are using this, as it still seems to be in its infancy, despite being 3 years old and the marketplace already 6 months+

hey emptycb1, welcome to Comicogs and thanks for your feedback. Comicogs is still in its early stages and always a work in progress. The submissions look good to me, but maybe other community members can offer more feedback.

Re. your comment on the Wonder Woman series. To clarify, do you mean that the data is incorrect (different series mixed together) or is it the sorting that is not reasonable to you? If its the former and you have the items with the correct information I recommend going in and correcting the subs, adding the right series. If its the later, sorting and filtering on those pages is something we are working on and hope to be getting improvements out for in the coming months.

Also welcome, will be cool to see some more non-super hero stuff added!
I think he means it would be nice to have the volumes divided but glad to hear things are moving forward on the development side.

Agree with previous comment. As far as improvements to sorting, within a series it would be essential to have items in order by issue #, and to have them separated by volume #

Alternatively, items could be sorted by date of issue as on Discogs. This would also ensure that items from different volumes would be separated.

thanks for the feedback. Further improving the sorting and filtering is on our roadmap, so stay tuned.

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